Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Dusty Closet Explained.

There is a thin layer of dust living on  the shoulder blades of many pieces of clothing hanging in my closet. A majority of those clothes have been left dormant for over a year while I was pregnant then postpartum with my Baby Goo. Now that I am postpartum, I am anxious to wear my favorite pieces once again. However, I realize my closet has fallen victim to neglect while I wear a certain "stay-at-home/mommy" uniform. This uniform is never hung in my closet because it goes directly from my body to the wash, from the dryer back to my body or in a pile on the floor. I am determined NOT to become a shlumpa-dinka (living in stretchy pants, never combing hair, no makeup or clean face, random stains of spit-up running down the back of my stretched out t-shirt, traces of previous meal stuck in teeth).
Once upon a time I lived in Europe, Spain specifically. Women in Spain own very few items of clothing but what they do wear is good quality and beautiful, they wouldn't be caught deranged or dead outside of their homes in shlumpa-dinka fare. I am determined to take a lesson from those who dress nicely even if running to the grocery store or post office. When I dress nicely, I feel happy. This space is an experiment for me to see if I can pull it together and get creative about what I already own. I am going to brush off the dust, and try something "new" in my closet everyday. Posts will be a visual anthology of what I wear each day, a catalog of what works and what doesn't (what works I keep, what doesn't gets donated). Photos are taken by The Little Girls and with my iPhone. It is a frivolous venture, but my life could use a little frivolity.