Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Update.

February's Donations.
This Occupy My Closet experiment has been going strong for 2 months now. During this time, I have not worn the same combination of pieces twice. In the beginning I thought this would be a difficult challenge but it really hasn't and I still have plenty of clothes hanging in my Dusty closet anxiously waiting their turn. I am running out of easy options for cold weather wear but if I allow myself some creativity, I will most certainly come up with some combination of worn and unworn pieces. This leads me to think that even with my small closet I can make it a full year before I wear the same combination of pieces in an outfit twice. I really do have more clothes than I need and now that I realize this I am adding a little twist to this project. I am really doing well at setting aside(donating) clothes I am never going to wear again even if I like the color, pattern, texture or cut. If I don't look good/feel good in the outfit or have at least two or three ways to wear it, it's not of any use to me. When I do buy something new, and here's the twist, it has to have been mentioned in this book. Otherwise, I can't buy it.